Intersex awareness workshop – with Genres Pluriels

Genres Pluriels Salle Marsha P. Johnson
18:30 > 21:30
Monday 16 May 2022

Who are intersex people? What are their questions, their approaches, their paths? What discrimination do they face and why? What are the consequences and implications, in terms of human rights, of the current legal/legislative framework?

The following are the main aspects addressed in this workshop:

  1. An explanation of the different terminologies used or to be avoided
  2. What is meant by intersex? Variations in sexual characteristics? Differences from transgender people?
  3. How to deal with intersex people as individuals and (future) professionals (in health/mental health, education, employment, social care, administrations and public authorities, victim support,…)
  4. What would be the most appropriate psychosocial reception?
  5. Legal/legislative aspects (at Belgian, European, global level)

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Registration fee: 5 euros/person

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