Sex-Positive Belgium

Sex-Positive Belgium is a growing and substantial community of open-minded persons. This community bases itself on the philosophy of the “Sex-positive” movement and attempts to facilitate its development. This community views all consensual expressions of sexuality as sound, wishes to encourage sexual pleasure and experiments, stresses active acceptation en promotes sex education and « risk-aware » sex. The Sex-Positive movement does not discriminate any kind of sexual expression, sexual orientation or its identification, and does view these choices as expressions of personal preference.

This community offers an opportunity to explore, to learn, and to develop oneself in a safe, hospitable and consensual environment. We are convinced that sexual energy can be a powerful tool in the metamorphosis, healing and strengthening of interpersonal relations, as well as a solid basis to establish a community.

We generate this sexual energy during playful and pedagogical moments, that are mostly free or at a bargain price, to cover our expenses.

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