Rainbow Cops Belgium LGBT Police

Rainbow Cops Belgium LGBT Police is a non-profit Association of police officers and of members of the civilian personnel of the Belgian Integrated Police, who have an interest in, or have been sensitized by the LGBT theme, or who belong to this target group themselves.

These are our main missions:

  • The TRAINING of the full police force in order to help them to track down discrimination or the resentful character of an offence based upon sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • The ENLIGHTENMENT and exchange of information and experiences with regard to the LGBT theme within the integrated police itself, to promote mutual respect.
  • THE SENSITIZATION with regard to problematic nature of the LGBT theme within the police force itself and outside the police force, on the basis of the experience gained in Belgium and on a European level.
  • The ORIENTATION of victims of homophobe or transfobe actions to the qualified persons within or outside the police force, with an eye to build a complaint bank.
  • Rainbow Cops Belgium LGBT Police is a member of the LGBT Police Association (EGPA).

If you wish to contact us:

Facebook / Rainbow Cops Belgium LGBT Police

Twitter / @RainbowCops

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