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Trans Rights Map 2023 : a situation to be improved.

published on 16 May 2023

The new report by TGEU (Transgender Europe) has just been released. It is a detailed analysis of the situation of transgender rights in 54 countries in Europe and the Middle East.

TGEU is an umbrella organization with 200 member associations from 48 countries (including the Rainbow House).
Like the ILGA report, the Trans Right Map is an accurate tool to substantiate claims to political institutions.
Overall, the report shows an improvement in the situation. However, this is still far from ideal, especially as it is offset by numerous setbacks.
In most countries (except Malta), access to specific care requires a prior mental health examination. This is also the condition for accessing a change of marital status in more than half of the countries. Only two countries (Germany and Iceland) legally recognize non-binary persons.

The full Trans Rights Map 2023 can be found here: Trans Rights Map 2023: Continued Progress Amid Anti-Trans Backlash in Europe and Central Asia – TGEU

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