Belgium Bear Pride


The Belgium Bear Pride is an association aiming at:

  • the promotion of the Bear, gay and, by extension, the LGBT+ community: by breaking taboos, by the removal of potential barriers between classical stereotypes and by creating chances to meet one another (bears, gays, lesbians, leather lovers, cross-dressers, heterosexuals, and so on.)
  • the organisation of the selection and election of Mister Bear Belgium.
  • the representation of the Bear community in local, national and international institutions,  as well as the organisation of and the participation in local, national and international events.
  • a better visibility and acceptance both within and without the community,  the full participation in inter-associative collaboration, but also representation at various government bodies or private, local or international institutions, and therefore also on our level, to fight all forms of discrimination and to engage in battle for fundamental rights.