Genres Pluriels

Genres Pluriels is an association that works on the support, the making known, the visibility, a better respect of the rights, and on the combating of the discrimination of transgenders or persons with gender variation (people in transition, drag kings/drag queens, transvestites, butchs, androgyns, queer…) and intersexual people.

The association is not merely meant as a reception and support organisation for this public and its entourage, but also as a platform for training, information, action, supervision and investigation – cooperating with all parties of a society who are open to diversity of human and cultural identities.

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Address (seat of activities)

Genres Pluriels ASBL
Rue du Marché au charbon, 42
1000 Bruxelles


General : +32 (0) 487 63 23 43

Administration : +32 (0) 485 51 96 62

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Twitter : @GenresPluriels

Our reception and support services for transgenders and intersexuals

Counselling services of the association:

– In Brussels (RainbowHouse) the first Thursdays of the month from 18:30 till 22:30pm

– In Liege (Maison Arc-en-ciel) the second Thursdays of the month from 19:00 till 22:00pm

– InTournai (Relais Picardie Laïque) the third Tuesdays of the month from 19:00 till 21:30pm

– In Verviers (Maison Arc-en-ciel) the third Mondays of the month form 19 :00 till 21:00pm



Discussion groups

– for transgenders and intersexuals: the third Saturdays of the month from 13:00 till 14:00pm in Brussels (RainbowHouse)

– for the entourage of transgenders and intersexuals : the third Saturdays of the month from 15:00 till 16:30pm in Brussels (RainbowHouse)


information :

individual reception

Make an appoitment in Brussels, Liege and Tournai



information :

Telephone : +32 (0) 487 63 23 43 (Max Nisol)



Specific help to transgender asylum seekers *

Sexual health and prevention/reduction of the risks linked to STI/to HIV

Information :

Social office hours

For help with administrative procedure, make an appointment


information :

Feminization workshops

About once a month in Brussels (RainbowHouse)


information :

Meetings families trans*/inter*

Relaxation and socialisation activities

– for children trans*/inter* and their parents

– for parents trans*/inter* and their children

– for adults who wish to share their childhood experiences trans*/inter* with parents or children concerned

– for adults trans*/inter* who have a parenthood project

– for relatives (close family circle) of the persons concerned

information :

Childhood centre

Axis « Youngsters » : reception and support activities of young trans*

Information :

Axis « Education » : sensitization of schools and childhood/education professionals information :

Our supports sensitization/information/training adapted to different publics

Training for professionals, periodical and on request for  composed groups


sensitization workshops, all publics, periodical and on request for  composed groups


workshops « Drag King » deconstruction of gender stereotypes through exploration of manhood


information :

Genral information brochure on trans identities

In French

In Dutch

Sexual health guide for trangenders* and their lovers

In French

Our internal workgroups

WG « Legislation » :Information

WG « Media » : Information

Information :

WG « Health » : Information

Information :

Our Belgian psycho-medical-social network trans*/inter*

Information :

Welcome for students (projects, papers, TFE) and for trainees

Works/projects/papers higher education :

Works/projects  lower levels of education :

Training requests (all levels) :

Intersexual persons

Information :

Our yearly festival « Tous les genres sont dans la culture »

It will take place from 18 till 26 November 2017 in Brussels and in various cities in the Walloon provinces.


En lien

Identities and gender expression


Health and well-being

Families and parenthood