The organisation was founded by volunteers from the Balkans

Balkan LBGTQIA helps, supports and defends the interests of LGBTQI persons from the Balkan countries.

The role of the organisation is to fight any form of discrimination. Our team is always available for legal advice or translation when necessary (for better communication).

One of our famous activities is our musical battle! better known as the ‘Balkan Party’. The aim is to break down barriers, barriers often faced by members of the LGBTQI+ and also the boundaries between different Balkan communities themselves. We abide by the principle that anyone can enjoy spending time with others regardless of where you come from.



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Reporting LGBTQI+phobia

Brussels Prevention & Security and the Brussels Regional Public Service ( together with RainbowHouse Brussels are conducting a data collection project on violence...

publié le 29 September 2017


Cultural diversity

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