Brussels Roller Derby

The Brussels Roller Derby is a women’s roller derby league*, open to women (cis or trans*), non-binary or intersex (over 18).

We are organised as a non-profit organisation since our creation in 2011. In addition to our numerous committees, we also have, since 2017, a diversity working group which reflects on questions concerning inclusiveness in sport and the fight against discrimination.

If you want to join us to be part of the league, as a future player, referee or volunteer, contact us by mail for more info!

The Roller Derby ?

Roller derby is a mainly female contact sport*.

It is practised on roller skates (quad skates) on an oval-shaped track. Each team consists of a maximum of 14 players. The match takes place in two 30-minute halves, which are divided into “jams” of maximum 2 minutes each.

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