Ex Aequo

Ex Æquo is a non profit organisation that has been one of main protagonists in French speaking Belgium in promoting health for gay men and other MSMs (men having sexual relations with men, and who do not necessarily identify themselves, as homosexual or bisexual). It is a continually evolving mission as more and more solutions become available (PrEP, TasP, TPE, contraceptives / lubricants, vaccines, etc.) and our target audience requires more support to be able to master the basics and take responsibility for their own health.

We take a community approach, which means we rely on available resources (persons and objects) within the community to promote sexual health by and for its members.

In concrete terms, we focus on events taking place in the community, in particular MSM (parties, saunas, meeting places…). We also welcome our target audience to public health services for quick free HIV tests.


Ex Æquo asbl

Rue des Pierres 29

1000 Bruxelles

Tel: +32(0)27362861