Action, Culture & Émancipation asbl (A.C.E. asbl)

“Action, Culture & Emancipation asbl (A.C.E. asbl), active in Belgium and internationally, more specifically in North Africa, is on a mission to develop awareness and critical knowledge of the realities of society, to encourage and foster active and participative citizenship in social and cultural life.

With a specific focus on the following missions:

  • To try to improve the reception, integration, safety and emancipation of LGBTQI+ people with a migration background.
  • To develop synergies and partnerships with local and international actors to work together to promote and defend the interests of LGBTQI+ people.
  • To promote the autonomy and emancipation of young LGBTQI+ people in the countries of action of A.C.E. asbl, by providing administrative and financial support for the creation of their professional project and/or the resumption of a qualifying training.
  • In the actions implemented, we ensure respect for the national or ethnic origin, cultural, religious or philosophical affiliation, social status, socio-economic level, age, sexual orientation, gender or health of its members and its public.


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