Coordination Holebi Bruxelles

The Coordination Holebi Bruxelles is the French umbrella of the LGBTQI association in Brussels and is situated in the Brussels RainbouwHouse.

The association aims at:

The promotion of equal chances and looking after the visibility and the  flourishing of the LGBTQI+ community, particularly on a physical, psychological, social and cultural level.

Offering permanent education that enables members of LGBTQI+ associations to participate to a responsible, active, creative and solidary citizenship.

The defence of human rights and the fight against discrimination, particularly against the LGBTQI+ community.

Helping with the foundation of future associations.

The representation of members of the association and of the  LGBTQI+ community against political authorities, the media and the public opinion.

The Coordination Holebi Bruxelles can support all actions that directly or indirectly lead to the realization of these goals.

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