The association has set itself two main areas of mission: on the one hand, support and information for transgender children and their parents; on the other hand, awareness-raising and training for the public and professionals working with children.

Even if since the Geens Law, Belgium is no longer at the bottom of the rankings for the recognition of transgender adults and adolescents, there is nothing in terms of the reception or rights of the youngest. Whether in the family, at school or elsewhere, transidentities are most often denied, or are the subject of many prejudices. In addition, the frequent confusion between gender and sexuality is the cause of serious misunderstandings.

This lack of knowledge can lead to situations of abuse, exclusion, discrimination and even rejection of the child by his or her family, or even suicide. Transkids organizes monthly meetings between transgendered or questioning children and the parents concerned. As part of the Pride Festival, next May, Transkids will offer 3 events not to be missed:

  • “Le Fabuleux Weekend”, the first gathering reserved for transgender children and teenagers aged 6 to 18. 48 hours of activities and workshops to help them fully live their identity.
  • Two editions of “L’Atelier Très Très Très Dégenreant! “where all children aged 6 to 12 are invited to create stories to deconstruct gender stereotypes. They will then be used to design a book that will serve as an educational tool.

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