F R E S Q U E    * L O V E    R E M E M B E R S *

In memory of Ihsane Jarfi and all victims of LGBTQI + phobic discrimination…

In the streets of Brussels, there is a street art mural, showing the proud and serene portrait of Ihsane, next to the Riches Claires theater on a 80 m2 wall (36, Sintkristoffelsstraat).

The serene and proud face of Ihsane Jarfi is painted in a graphic and almost psychedelic style in fresh and spring nuances, on a pink background which recalls the warmth of the colorful streets of Marrakech.

* L O V E R E M E M B E R S * is a permanent art project commissioned by the RainbowHouse, created by artist Anthea Missy and supported by the city of Brussels. The inauguration of the fresco took place on May 17, 2018, in the presence of the family and a hundred people.

RainbowHouse wanted to bring a positive image to the public space and touch as many people as possible, to convey a message of hope for a better world and to experience the value of diversity.

Never to forget: Ihsane, a young man of thirty of Moroccan origin, was assassinated in Liège in 2012. Following this homophobic murder, his father, Hassan Jarfi, created a foundation aimed at combating discrimination that leads to hatred and violence.

#LoveRemembers #RainbowHouse

Inauguration 17 mai 2018Inauguration 17 mai 2018


Out in the Street : Discover the first gay and transgender lesbo- strip wall in Europe.

You probably know the numerous strip walls of Brussels. Now, the capital is also host to the first permanent gigantic wall strip (40 meters long) which proposes a series of LGBTQI portraits.

 With humor and ridicule this project showcases the uncomplicated difficulties facing the LGBTQI community is facing. The visibility of lesbian women, the non-recognition of the rights of LGBTQI in Belgium, but also how it educates, the insults, the violence, and the many stereotypes about this very diverse community.

The first of May is our opportunity to present the artists behind this project, Ralf König, the prominent star of the comic strip in Europe, but also Fotini Tikkou, the Greek artist who performed work for this project based on the theme LGBTQI.

The RainbowHouse Brussels and the City of Brussels, supported by the Ancienne Belgique music hall and the House Vande Human, tried to provide an answer for the problems of LGBTQI now. A unique project in Europe May 1 at 12AM inaugurated.

 Where : Lollepot straat, 1000 Brussel

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