Anaktisi VZW

Anaktisi VZW was founded in 2015 for and by victims of sexual violence. Our three main activities are: support groups, conferences, and representing victims’ interests in the political arena.

Sexual assault affects many areas of life. As a result, victims often feel isolated. Contact with other victims can play an important role in the healing process. It can provide recognition, support and understanding. Talking with others about how to deal with the consequences of violence can strengthen you and give you new ways to deal with it.

We meet every month in Bruges, Ghent, Leuven and Brussels. The advice is given by therapists and experts by experience. Our main goal is to bring people into contact with each other and to create a framework that allows people to grow through this contact. We are a group of suffering friends, not a therapy group. Our participants are very diverse: women, men, victims of one-time or repeated sexual abuse, children or adults, within or outside the family. If you have been sexually abused and are of age, you can be part of the group.

We use our experiential expertise to bring information about sexually abusive behavior to the general public. For example, we deliver testimonials for schools, colleges and universities. We also give talks at trainings, for example, in the training of vice inspectors, lawyers, and magistrates. We will talk about our own recovery stories, what healthy sexuality looks like and where to find help, and the impact of any criminal trial on victims. We can also paint a broader picture by interviewing our members, so we are a voice for many victims.

Finally, we are an advocacy organization. We are members of think tanks in various firms that advocate for victims’ rights. As experts by experience, we provide input into legislative changes and initiatives concerning victims of sexual assault. We try to be a voice for the issues that victims face.

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