L-Festival // Pega + Lavender Witch = Post Punk Grunge

Super Fourchette
Wednesday 27 November 2019

The L-Festival have supported us since the beginning. This year we decided to put on a concert together! Here it goes : PEGA the fabulous post punk Brussels-based band will play for the second time at Super Fourchette. And our friends LAVENDER WITCH, will also join us, and spread their riot grrrl punk sound and sharp melodies!
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***PEGA (Bxl) Post Punk***
At first a humble attic project, later moving to a basement, and currently a bedroom, PEGA began with 6 women meeting on Sundays for a “mumusicale” cleansing session. Then there were 5, then 4, and finally 3: Aude (bass and voice), Bárbara (guitar, voice; member of TUVALU) and Leslie (drums). Now, PEGA is a type of music that sets your inner wiggle in motion, revealing you soul, or at least trying to (magic is still an unstable science). This is Dino-post-punk that sways with a heavy gait, noise-rock released straight from an apartment ficus. Prestigious rock’n roll guaranteed!


Influencées par la scène grunge et riot grrrl des années 90, ces cinq musicières lancent leurs sorts dans un son qu’elles décrivent comme du Witchy FemiPunk. Un mélange enchanté de textes engagés et de guitares tranchantes. Leur premier album est prévu pour la fin de l’année.

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Doors : 8PM
Concerts : 8:30PM
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Prix libre // Snacks & drinks available !!

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