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Let’s report LGBTQI+phobia

published on 12 February 2020

Brussels Prevention & Security and the Brussels Regional Public Service ( together with RainbowHouse Brussels are conducting a data collection project on violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. In collaboration with various partners, a reporting form on such facts has been developed and came into force early March 2019. To support this approach, new resources are currently available for victims of LGBTQI+phobia.

Whether it is a verbal or physical attack or harassment, we are here to listen and to guide you to the right services. Whether on the street, in the workplace or in a private situation, the report form enables us to identify all types of LGBTQI+phobic acts. You hesitate to file a complaint? Do you want a written statement of your story? You do not wish to file a complaint? By reporting an LGBTQI+phobic act you are helping to draw attention to all acts that are rarely reported to the authorities.

To facilitate the reception, there are two weekly sessions, an e-mail address ( and a telephone number.

Want to report an incident?

Preferably by appointment but you can come to RainbowHouse without an appointment on:
– Wednesday between 16.00 and 18.30
– Friday between 16.00 and 19.00
Please make an appointment (only via WhatsApp and SMS) on the following number +32 492 40 84 84.

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Reporting LGBTQI+phobia

Brussels Prevention & Security and the Brussels Regional Public Service ( together with RainbowHouse Brussels are conducting a data collection project on violence...

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