Agenda of the Week

RainbowHouse Tuesday 04 July 2023 >
Sunday 09 July 2023

What’s on at RainbowHouse this week? 

Tuesday 07/04: The Rainbow Ambassadors, an association dedicated to LGBTQIA+ seniors, will once again be on duty! 😍

Wednesday 07/05 + Thursday 07/06 + Friday 07/07: The RainbowHouse and its volunteers will be manning the bar! 🌈

Saturday 07/08: Fancy a cocktail? Come and (re)discover our menu, have a drink and enjoy the weekend’s good vibes! ✨

Sunday 07/09: We end the week with a screening of “Rebel Dykes”! A portrait of 80’s punk and lesbian London, a queer and militant documentary just the way we like it!

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