Agenda of the week

RainbowHouse Tuesday 01 August 2023 >
Sunday 06 August 2023

For this first week of August, we’re preparing :

01/08: The first bar shift will be staffed by Rainbow Ambassadors, one of our member associations fighting for the rights of LGBTQIA+ seniors! 🌈

02/08 + 03/08: With our superb team of volunteers, we’ll take care of you!

04/08: Fancy singing your favorite queer tracks loud and clear? Telsquels has got you covered with their karaoke night! 🎤

05/08: You know it! Saturday is all about our cocktail menu! Whether the sun’s out or not, we’ll be there! 🥂

06/08: Screening of “God’s Own Country” (2017). Francis Lee’s first feature, this film shows us the budding relationship between a Yorkshire farmer and a visiting seasonal worker. Critically acclaimed, we love this film that shows queer life in rural areas still too often invisibilized! 💖

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