Vernissage Tentoonstelling “L’homme à demi-nu” + Cocktails-Party

19:00 > 23:00
Friday 12 July 2019

Michel Titeux
Acrylic and pastel drawings, 2018-2019

The half-naked man
John, Sebastian, Mario and the others.

The half-naked man, as one speaks in a low voice, half-word. Everything is not said, but we understand a lot. Naked, the man shows himself, but never quite, because persists an unknown part. Shadows oppose the light, they escape the sight or understanding.

One might think that nudity reveals, while clothing hides. Yet the undressed man never delivers himself completely. And this remaining mystery makes an individual a man, just a man, who is worth anybody and who is worth all of them.

🌞🔥🌪 The opening will be followed by a summer Cocktails – Party, music selection by DJ Mozza 🌞🔥🌪

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