Shakedown // Lesborama* 2020

Salle Marsha P. Johnson - Lollepotstraat 3
Friday 06 March 2020

Shakedown was a series of parties thrown by and for African-American women in Los Angeles, featuring Go-Go dancing and striptease shows for the underground lesbian scene. Ronnie Ron – assuming butch – created, produced, and presented new parties, inspired by those of the transgender woman Mahogany – a leading figure in the field – who, by the late 1980s, was organizing strip queer parties and ballrooms for non-straight audiences. At these events, the predominantly female hood audience slipped banknotes into the dancers’ underwear, while celebrating lesbian sexuality to the rhythmic sounds of hip-hop.

This intimate chronicle reveals, through interviews and life scenes, the behind-the-scenes of what was much more than just a strip club. A rare space dedicated to the lesbian subculture, the club brought together and galvanized a marginalized African-American and queer community, making it the target of numerous police reprisals.

Leilah Weinraub, a member of this community, takes a personal look at female desire, as it is rarely presented on the big screen.

Entrance, on site: 3€, including a drink ticket worth 2€.
(no presale)
Open to all.

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