Queer Open Mic // Launch of Guerrilla Resistance // Workshop

Lollepot room - Rue de la Chaufferette 3
Saturday 13 January 2018

Join us in breaking free at the start of 2018! The topics for the declamations can range from erotic to romantic and from reflection to story telling, but they should be especially queer (and who isn’t a bit queer?). This literary open mic event will be open to all genders, all sexualities and all colours.

The organisation will try its best at creating a safe space for all speakers. Anyone who wants to speak, can sign up at the beginning of the event. The main language would be English, however, declamations can also be done in French and Dutch and other languages.

🌈 This event will also be launch of Guerrilla Resistance, a guerrilla poetry platform for anti-capitalist queer artists that wants to make them visible online and offline. We want to create the space for our love to flourish and our revolt to take its rightful place.

🌈 Prior to this event a workshop poem/short text writing will take place at the same venue (more details will follow). As the open mic, this workshop is open to everyone and is free of charge. 

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