Mon nom est clitoris // Lesborama* 2020

huisvandeMens Brussel Sainctelettesquare 17, 1000 Bruxelles
Thursday 05 March 2020

Mon nom est Clitoris” received the award for Best Documentary from the 2020 Film Magritte.

>> This documentary is a dialogue between young women about female sexuality. With freedom, courage and humour, they share their experiences and stories, in the desire to change the world around them and to assert women’s right to an informed sexual education, free from constraints and taboos.

“It’s free and uninhibited, and it feels good! ” – RTBF

“Mon nom est clitoris is bold, courageous, fresh and promotes women’s right to promoting well informed sex education, free of constraints and taboos. The right of women to say yes, to say no, to assume their desires, to claim them. Without fear, without taboos. It is necessary! ” – LE SOIR

” The bright revenge of the clitoris ” – BRUZZ

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The screening will be followed by a complimentary buffet.
In collaboration with huisvandeMens.

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