My Body My Rules – Guest: Emilie Jouvet

Nova Cinéma - Rue d'Arenberg, 3
17:00 > 19:30
Sunday 11 November 2018

“My Body My Rules” by Emilie Jouvet (2017 – 90′ – FRANCE – VO: FR / SUB: EN )
– En présence de la réalisatrice –

By 17th Pink Screens – Brussels Queer Film Festival
In collaboration with L-Festival

Far from today’s diktats of feminine beauty, this hybrid, unrestricted film takes an interest in those other bodies: the ones that take up space, that leave stains, that disturb, that consume, that enjoy life as they please, that age and that transform themselves. In short, bodies that are free and wild. The film examines existing norms and highlights possible ways to resist them through a gallery of intimate portraits that question our perception of gender, colour, ability, hair, weight, sexuality, age and identity, and that reveal the magical, secret, sensual, cruel relationship that these people have with their bodies. An experimental and political film about nudity and the way it is represented.