Agenda of the week

RainbowHouse Monday 19 June 2023 >
Sunday 25 June 2023

New week, new program! 


Tuesday 20/06: We’ll be manning the bar with the help of our volunteers! 

Wednesday 21/06: Fuchsia, an inclusive lesbian group, will be manning the bar! 

Thursday 22/06: The RainbowHouse will welcome you in style! 

Friday 23/06: New Wave ambience for this evening organized by Tels Quels! Get out your 80’s outfits and your eyeliner to match the playlist! 

Saturday 24/06: Third edition of our June cocktail evenings! We’ve redesigned the entire menu and continued to queer the classics! Happy hour from 6 to 8pm! 

Sunday 25/06:  “I can make myself flowers, decorate the RainbowHouse. Fold paper for hours, make things you don’t understand” After a first success, we’re organizing a second paper flower workshop! Whether you’re a DIY pro or not, come and cut, fold and glue paper, chat with your table-mates or catch up with friends!

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