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Pronouns visibility day

published on 18 October 2023

Let’s Talk About Non-Binary

As today is the celebration of the International Pronouns Day, we’d like to share with you few tips to create a respectful environment on the workplace.

A contribution by Let’s Talk About Non Binary

In today’s increasingly diverse and inclusive world, it is paramount that we honour and
validate individuals’ identities. One impactful method to achieve this is by recognising and
utilising people’s preferred pronouns. Pronouns are deeply personal and reflect an individual’s
gender identity. Employing the correct pronouns contributes to the creation of a more
inclusive and respectful environment for everyone. Here are a few tips to do so in a
professional or educative environment:

Email Signature:
Incorporating pronouns into email signatures serves as a means to normalise this practice and
showcase a steadfast commitment to inclusivity. By openly sharing our own pronouns, we
establish a safe and welcoming space for colleagues, clients, and partners to do the same. It’s
crucial to remember that utilising pronouns extends beyond those who identify as transgender
or non-binary; it benefits everyone, especially in a highly diverse and multicultural setting.
Simply place them alongside your name in brackets. It’s a straightforward gesture that ensures
effective communication.

In meetings, the process is equally straightforward. Starting by introducing ourselves with our
names and pronouns fosters an atmosphere of inclusivity. This practice underscores our
respect for individual identities and helps eliminate assumptions. Listening attentively and
employing the correct pronouns when referring to others is crucial, even if it necessitates a
conscious effort to unlearn previous habits.

Raising Awareness:
Using pronouns correctly involves a learning curve for everybody. If an error occurs, the best
course of action is to apologise, self-correct, and proceed without making a fuss. Otherwise, it
can inadvertently create discomfort or unwanted attention to the person in question.
Good ways to raise awareness are to promote dialogue and to offer resources to help people
around you grasp the significance of pronouns and their impact on individuals. In a work
setting, you can share articles, host workshops, or invite guest speakers. There are also books
written on the subject by trans people and awareness workshops given by GenresPluriels.

Here are some helpful links, and there are more available if you’re interested:
– Resources on Personal Pronouns
– A Quick Guide to Sharing Pronouns in Email Signatures — Rex Wilde Consulting
And here are a few books:
– Gender Flou by Tamos le thermos
– Genderqueer by Maia Kobabe

We all have the power to cultivate an environment where each person feels acknowledged,
esteemed, and valued for their authentic selves. By focusing on respect and care for others, we
can build spaces that celebrate diversity and inclusion.