Nus-Ma : Relaxation sonore / Sonorous relaxation

Lollepot - RainbowHouse
Sunday 24 November 2019

Enter the geometrical vulva structure to join Nus-Ma where we will together occupy this space, to collectively remember our fundamental and sacred right of physical and psychic well being.

This séance will oscillate between relaxation and meditation and will be supported through the use of music, singing, spoken informative texts in different languages, essential oils and the elements of our planet.

Come as you are, in comfortable clothes.

There will be at your disposal cushions, remember to bring with you a blanket to keep warm!

The end of the session will be followed by a collective moment around warm beverages and healthy food, to give back to your body what we will all have given together.

Nus-Ma is a feminist and semi passive project with a versatile nature. Its intention is to create a safe space where we individuals identifying as queer, lesbian, transgender, non binary, bisexual, intersex, can come together to elevate one another in the face of adversity in this patriarchal world. During this séance we will celebrate all emotional expressions through the exchange of energies.

The information that will be shared with the participants can sometimes be interpreted as being binary. The concept of the feminine energy will be contextualized. Please know that here feminine energy signifies an energy which holds the essence of life present within all human beings, all living things. It transcends gender.

Reserve your place by sending a mail to:

>> This is a chosen mingle event, the individuals participating identify diferently than as a cisgender men <<

Places are limited and attendance is through booking only.

We look forward to your presence,

Inès Malonne with Diana Dobrescu and Lucie Gresil.

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L-Festival is a lesbian, bi, trans and feminist festival organized by RainbowHouse Brussels.

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