Vernissage “Les Tasses: Toilettes Publiques, affaires privées” ☆ PrideFestival

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Friday 18 September 2020 >
Sunday 20 September 2020

Vernissage, “Les Tasses: Toilettes Publiques, affaires privées” ☆ PrideFestival 2020

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In the cupboard of the belle Histoire, the cups are stained. The cup, in the slang of the last century, was the “pissotière” (urinals in French). Implanted in the public space at the time of hygienism, the urinals had to meet the natural needs of the male population. In private, the cups met a social need. Men with “unnatural morals” laid the first stones of living together in them.

Opening in 2018 at the Schwules Museum in Berlin, Marc Martin’s exhibition creates a bridge between the generations and invites contemporary art to enter into a dialogue with the past: “Urinals have always had a bad reputation. They are more synonymous with shame than pride within the LGBTQI+ community itself. Those who flirt there have often been accused of being cowardly, describing their encounters in these public places as sordid. But didn’t they, for more than a century, dare to confront pleasures defended by the law? I wish these men could be credited with a certain courage. I would like to return to these places their disturbing share of sensuality”.

Instead of political correctness, the artist Marc Martin favours the humanly correct. He advocates a visibility of sexuality in all its diversity. The artist also reminds us that in some countries, even today, homosexuality is still forbidden. The “pissotières”, anonymous places of passage, continue there their role of clandestine hideout.

The exhibition “LES TASSES” will be open to the public from September 18 to October 3, 2020 at LaVallée. This exhibition is proposed by LaVallée-Smart in collaboration with the Schwules Museum and the RainbowHouse Brussels (as part of the PrideFestival Brussels).



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FR// Accessibilité pour les personnes à mobilité réduite. Cette année, nous mettons en place un système de “buddies” pour les personnes qui souhaiteraient être accompagnées par un.e bénévole, plus d’informations sur

NL // Dit heeft te maken met de bereikbaarheid voor personen met een beperkte mobiliteit. Dit jaar zetten we een systeem van “buddies” op poten voor wie graag begeleiding krijgt van een vrijwilliger. Meer info op

EN // Accessibility for people with reduced mobility. This year, we are setting up a system of “buddies” for people who would like to be accompanied by a volunteer, more information on


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FR // La santé des visiteurs et de l’équipe est primordiale pour LaVallée-Smart et le Pride Festival. Afin de garantir une visite de l’exposition dans la plus grande sécurité, les mesures sanitaires en vigueur seront soigneusement appliquées.

NL // De gezondheid van bezoekers en het team staat voorop bij LaVallée-Smart en het Pride Festival. Om een ​​bezoek aan de tentoonstelling in de grootste veiligheid te garanderen, zullen de geldende sanitaire maatregelen zorgvuldig toegepast worden.

EN // The health of visitors and the team is important to LaVallée-Smart and the Pride Festival. In order to guarantee a visit to the exhibition in the greatest safety, the sanitary measures in force will be carefully applied.

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