The fresco : Let’s talk about it

Lollepot - RainbowHouse
19:00 > 21:00
Thursday 29 August 2019

Since the press release of 20 June 2019, RainbowHouse Brussels has been questioned in different ways about the fresco located on rue de la Chaufferette. Indeed, after consulting with the people who were affected, the RainbowHouse Board decided to keep the tags on the fresco and to add an explanatory plaque. RainbowHouse has also contacted the artist, Ralph König, to inform him of the situation. A petition in favour of the removal of tags was also launched following the publication of the above-mentioned press release.

We therefore invite you to this meeting which aims to offer a space of expression to all the members and supporters of our organization.

However, this is not to question the decision made by the RainbowHouse Board. But a willingness to dialogue with the people it tries to represent on a day-to-day basis.

The event will be held in the Lollepot room, rue de la Chaufferette 5. A friendly drink will be served at the RainbowHouse bar after the discussion.

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