SUMMER ACADEMY – Contes cabaresques

Centre Tour à Plomb
10:00 > 12:00
Friday 06 August 2021

Cabaret is not just for grown-ups! As part of the SUMMER ACADEMY at the Tour à Plomb, our drag artists become, for a moment, storytellers of strange and wonderful stories, where we question the place of gender, push the limits of classical tales and question our imagination. What if the princess became a knight? What do we really find on the other side of the mirror? And what about unicorns? Between reading and interpretation, the performers tell as much as they play! At the end of the session, there will be time for questions and discussion with the children (and their parents!) to further develop the issues raised. REGISTRATION :…/summer-academy…

The event is free of charge but due to limited capacity, registration is compulsory. Two identical sessions are planned, the first at 10am, the second at 11am. Please register your child(ren) for one of the two sessions only. ATTENTION – The presence of at least one accompanying person is mandatory during the whole workshop

REGISTRATION :…/summer-academy… For any questions or additional information, you can send an email to

Event co-organised with the Centre culturel et sportif de la Tour à Plomb and the Pride Festival, with the support of the City of Brussels – Equal Opportunities and the Brussels-Capital Region –

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Identities and gender expression

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