Opening Talk: Where are we in the night? // L-Festival 2020

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Thursday 26 November 2020
🌙 Let’s have a chat on lesbian-bi-trans* and feminist nightlife-spaces!
Tune in Thursday, November 26, at 7.30 pm for an intimate conversation with different actors from the nightlife-scene.
Both collectives & venues, artists and representatives of the public will come together to discuss – where we are in the night –
🌃 To open the L-Festival 2020, actors of the lesbian-bi-trans* and feminist nightlife scene reunite to share their goals, challenges & dreams.
🔭 Where did you first meet other LBT* people? For many queers, the LBT* community is discovered through parties, in bars or queer shows.
What spaces do exist? And why do we need LBT* nightlife-venues? What are the difficulties in creating and sustaining these places? And how do they reflect divisions and solidarity in the community?
💬 The conversation is in ENGLISH & you are welcome to ask questions in the comment section of the live.
👀 And who participates ? The different panelists will soon be revealed to you !
Stay tuned !
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