Meet the members of Genres Pluriels

Genres Pluriels Rainbow House
18:30 > 22:30
Thursday 02 June 2022

The monthly Genres Pluriels meeting is a friendly and respectful moment in the bar of the Rainbow House in Brussels. Come and have a relaxing drink! During the meeting, reference persons will welcome you and offer you the possibility of a first psychosocial reception or even an appointment afterwards. They will ensure a safe environment.

  • The activity is open to everyone. We are very careful to respect the privacy of each person. No cameras or recordings are allowed.
  • And of course, there is a specific and benevolent welcome for people who :
    • have questions about transidentity, gender fluidity and/or intersex
    • want to talk to someone about their experiences
    • wish to share their experience
    • as parents, friends, etc. also have questions about the gender identity and/or potential intersex of a loved one

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