Rue du Méridien 10, 1210 Bruxelles
19:00 > 20:45
Sunday 05 May 2019 >
Sunday 12 May 2019
— Sunday 05/05/19 and Sunday 12/05/19 —> (19:00) – (20:45) !
A gender troll, a polyamorous dreamer and an asexual dandy walk into a bar… They look shady, ambiguous, untrustworthy – queer, really. But rest assured, your safety is our first concern during this live exhibition. Please feel free to walk around and unabashedly stare at our creatures!
Not to worry, our freaks are used to the occasional pointed finger – and they’re happy to point back. What’s in it for them? For the night, they are going to do the talking. And believe me; they don’t plan on wasting it.
Be a dear and bring us a donation if you can. Suggested fares:
5€/person – if everyone donates 5€, we can pay for costumes, makeup and the liters of humus in which we bathe – which we would otherwise just steal.
10€/person – if you donate 10€, you allow someone who can’t afford a 5€ fee to come and watch us anyway. (Do the math: it makes sense.)
This show is made possible thanks to the support of RainbowHouse Brussels, Art’mazone and Sex-Positive Belgium.

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