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To Ecolo, the fight of theLesBiTransGays is in keeping with a global political struggle for emancipation and equal rights in the heart of a pluralistic society. That is why Ecolo was the first Belgian party to incorporate marriage, and afterwards, adoption, for homosexual couples in the heart of its political programme.

The ENPH was born in January 1998, at the time of the Etats généraux de l’Ecologie politique (EGEP). After the end of the forum entitled “Homosexuel(le)s, citoyen(ne)s à part ? … A part entière !”, some very active members have created a structure that intends to bring together everybody (member of Ecolo or not) who is interested by the topics related to the homosexual cause, in its broadest sense.

The ENPH is the one of the founders of the Fédération des Associations Gays et Lesbiennes (FAGL), that had the union in an association of the homosexual (socio-cultural) club activities as one of her first (reached by now) goals.

We assemble every two months be it in Brussels be it in Namur. Through our person of reference, federal deputy Zoé Genot, we follow and prepare the work for parliamentarians concerning the LesBiTransGays questions.

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tel : 0476853017

Not only do we take part each year in the “Belgian Lesbian and Gay Pride”, we do organise as well numerous “Debate bars” concerning the topics linked to homosexuality (adoption, marriage, homosexual old age, transsexuality, suicide amongst gay youngsters, blood donation).

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