Ecolo Nous Prend Homo

For Ecolo, the fight of the LesBiTransGays is in keeping with a global political struggle for emancipation and equal rights in the heart of a pluralistic society. For this reason, Ecolo was the first Belgian party to incorporate marriage, and later, adoption, for homosexual couples in its political manifesto.

ENPH was established in January 1998, at the time of the Ecologie politique (EGEP) Congress. After a forum entitled “Homosexuals, outsiders or full members of society?” some of our more active members created a group to unite all persons interested in homosexuality and its causes, in its broadest sense, as well as other related topics. 

ENPH is the one of the founders of the Fédération des Associations Gays et Lesbiennes (FAGL), whose (now accomplished) aim was to unite homosexual associations.

We meet every two months either in Brussels or Namur. Together with our Federal MP, Zoé Genot, we prepare the work for our MPs on LesBiTransGays questions.

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