Weekend at the RainbowHouse

Friday 10 March 2023 >
Sunday 12 March 2023

Every Friday and Saturday night, starting at 9pm, the RainbowHouse offers you a party with a DJ set!
Want to have a drink with the ones you care about
? Looking for a place to dance to a mix of funk, disco and pop? No need to look any further, we’ve got it all planned to fill your weekend parties in a safe environment, where everyone can feel free to express themselves while respecting others!
On the program for this weekend:
***Friday 10/03***
32Tender (21h30-00h30)
Let’s go back to the 80’s with the best new wave and disco hits of the decade, mixed with funk, sugar, spice and incense. Get your glamorous outfits ready and let’s dance!
***Saturday 11/03***
Free admission.
What’s up? Are you coming to the RainbowHouse this weekend too?

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