TearAway – Trapèze dance ★ L-Festival

Centre Tour A Plomb
18:30 > 20:00
Wednesday 01 December 2021
The L-Festival presents: TearAway, trapeze-dance performance by Suzon Gheur.
Our society tends to put labels on what we do, on what we are or are supposed to be.
are or are supposed to be. By making trapeze her favorite discipline, Suzon found herself confronted with the stereotypes conveyed by the aerial world such as thinness
thinness, suppleness, elegance, sensuality.
Not finding herself in these diktats, in these boxes, the artist decided to make the engine of
of her monodisciplinary show in which she reinvents the trapeze, its use as a creative support
as a creative support and means of expression. Alternately inspired by breakdance, vertical dance
or counterweight work, Suzon expresses aerial dance as you have rarely seen it rarely had the opportunity to see it!
TearAway is slang for “a rebellious and disobedient young person”.
TearAway is a hymn to joy and self-acceptance in which the trapeze and the artist form an intimate
intimate and complicit duo. The artist plays with self-mockery on the technique of the trapeze but also with it when it comes to life and becomes a character in its own right.
This circus show, almost for everyone (from 8 years old), is designed for the hall or the
tent. Suzon takes the audience on an amusing and reflective journey around her being, she delivers her diary, her journey at the end of which she seems to have finally found her place.
Open to all
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