Silvana – Pink Screens 2018 // L-Festival

Nova Cinéma - Rue d'Arenberg, 3
19:30 > 21:00
Friday 16 November 2018

“Silvana” by Christina Tsiobanelis, Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring
(2017-95′-SWEDEN-VO: AR/LT/SV- SUB: EN/FR)

By 17th Pink Screens – Brussels Queer Film Festival
In collaboration with L-Festival

Film Infos =>

Silvana Imam is a feminist icon in Sweden. With her committed rap, she has motivated young people to adopt her full-on lyrics against racism, machismo and patriarchal society as activist hymns. She leads a lesbian revolution and has become the spokesperson of a generation ready to fight the injustices of a country that has allowed itself to be tainted by the ideas of the extreme right.

A real social phenomenon, the explosive couple she forms with the popstar Beatrice Eli means her face can be seen everywhere. This film focuses on the path of an emerging star, while at the same time making us reflect on the intimate side of someone who did not seek to become a political leader, let alone such a huge phenomenon. There are moments of great intensity but also of loneliness: Somtimes Silvana would just like to be a girl like any other.