Self-ish x L-Festival

Le Space - Rue de la Clé 26, 1000 Bruxelles
Friday 24 November 2017

Women and trans Open mic

Self-ish, the parisian women and trans open mic, is delighted to collaborate with the L-Festival for the first time!


Sign up beforehand to perform at or on the night starting 8 pm. Everybody gets 5 minutes on stage! Performances start at 8.30.

There is no entrance fee but please donate or buy one of your amazing tote bags (6 euros) designed by Victoria Audouard ( at the door to keep us going!


Self-ish is a women and trans open mic launched in Paris in May 2016. Why? Because it’s about time we have a space of our own to express our-selves and share our stories.

Anyone is invited to attend but the mic is exclusively open to women and trans folk (anyone who doesn’t identify as cisgender – see Q&A).

So come along and share your poetry, songs, craft, prose or performance: let’s be Self-ish!

✦ Q&A ✦ (more detailled Q&A at

☞ What does the term trans stand for?

Anyone who is non cisgendered (or “cis”). Here’s a perfect little graphic to illustrate:!

☞ I am a cis dude, can I come?

Yes of course.

☞ I am a cis dude, can I come and complain about how I am not included in this open mic?


✎ Should you have any other questions feel free to drop us a line at

Find our full programm on our Facebook page

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