Queer-Kicker Contest

Bar - RainbowHouse
19:00 > 00:00
Friday 23 August 2019

What is funny, user friendly, and can be played with 4 or with 2, and has a Belgian Queer World Champion… ?

The KICKER (aka foosball)!

Since the first time at the L-Festival of 2013, the Queer Kicker of the Rainbowhouse has quickly become a cult. There were already
20 battles organized, with more than 348 participating teams, with wild matches and comradeship encounters (and maybe more…).

> You come with two or you form and duo on the spot, you sign up and we take care of the rest.
Cava bottle to win!

✘ IMPORTANT: Registration for the tournament 19h to 20h30.

See you on Saturday!

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