Let’s Talk Corona – Cultivating Compassion

11:00 > 13:00
Saturday 30 May 2020

This event is entirely hosted in English!

I’m alone, I can’t cope, I’m masturbating too much, I’ve put on weight, I miss seeing my partner and friends, I feel claustrophobic, I’m worried about my health, I worry about my family, what will the future bring, why can’t I just do what I want, I feel stressed all the time, I feel sexually frustrated, I worry about dying.

As the threat of Covid-19 spreads across the world during this pandemic as does stress and anxiety with it.

Fighting Fear is providing a series of 3 sessions looking at building healthy coping strategies, resilience and self compassion to help you manage this difficult period.

The series will be based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing therapies.

Each session is a stand alone session priced at 12 Euro or £10.60 OR the full series priced at 30 Euro or £26.50. Purchasing the full series gives you access to all 3 sessions. Register here

Who is this for?
This series is targeted towards LGBTQ people but everyone is welcome.
Anyone wanting to get some knowledge and skills to manage this difficult period better
Ages 18+

Cultivating Compassion
– The compassionate mind model
– Identifying your threat system
– Self compassion and compassion for others

What you will need
– Laptop, tablet or smart phone
– Strong internet connection
– Headphones
– Paper and Pen
– Pencil colours or felt-tip pens
– Session hand out printed or drawn on A3 or A4 paper (not smaller than A4)

Saquib Ahmad
– An accredited CBT/EMDR Consultant Psychotherapist with 11 years of experience of working in mental health.
– Many years of experiencing of delivering workshops, seminars and lectures on topics of mental health and psychology
– Senior Psychotherapist at Grenfell Health and Well-being Service
– MD of Fighting Fear