La fabrique du consentement // Lesborama* 2020

Salle Marsha P. Johnson - Lollepotstraat 3
Saturday 07 March 2020

The screening will be followed by a discussion with Robine Anders, from the film crew.

> Synopsis : 

What if lesbo-queer communities had something to share about the singularities of their sexualities? Through the complex topic of consent, sixteen protagonists from these communities speak up. Could there be blurred lines, a continuum between consent and aggression? How can we defeat rape culture and innovate in matters of consent? How has the notion of aggression been used historically to exclude trans women? In a deep introspection of their intimacies, these protagonists ask questions, get angry, laugh, create other possibilities. They suggest to look more closely at consent, from the experience of their marginalized communities, their subcultures and their explorations.

Entrance, on site: 3€, including a drink ticket worth 2€.
(no presale)

Event :
Open to all.