Rue du Marché au Charbon Kolenmarkt 42 Thursday 16 November 2023

As a young student, I received an artistic education and aspired to become an architect.

However, my parents owned several supermarkets at the time, and I ended up working there instead.

Despite this, I went on to have a successful commercial career that earned me recognition in the business world.

Ultimately, I retired as a manager at one of Europe’s largest commercial chains.
Despite my professional success, I never lost my passion for the arts, and now that I’m retired, I have more time to pursue this interest.

I find inspiration in everyday life events and enjoy using colors and figures to
express my ideas. For example, my use of ping-pong balls represents the idea that
the world may be round, but things don’t always follow a predictable path.
I have a deep appreciation for various forms of art, including opera and classical music, which I enjoy as part of my daily activities.

It was a pleasure to share my story with you, and I’m excited to see if you can relate to my work.

Best regards,
Philippe Croymans

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