Bar open! (6/10) RainbowHouse
18:00 > 23:00
Wednesday 06 October 2021

During this event, invites you to share a warm moment around a Spanish inn! Come with your sandwich or meal, cold or hot (no oven available on the spot), marmalade and mixture of all kinds and/or why not a small dessert (chocolate, pastry, fruit salad, …), to share!

Behind the bar you will find Pierre and his team and us (all the rest of the happy polys) in front.

The Café-poly, it’s every first Wednesday of the month from 7:30 pm!

Welcome to all: Confirmed polyamorists, almost polys, poly-curious, tolerant monogamists, sympathizers…

English-speaking people are welcome too!

De Nederlandstaligen en Franstaligen zijn ook welkom!