Agenda of the week

RainbowHouse Wednesday 07 June 2023 >
Sunday 11 June 2023

The sun is out all this week, so we invite you to come and enjoy it at RainbowHouse! ☀

Tuesday 06/06: The bar will be staffed by Rainbow Ambassadors, a member association that campaigns for the rights of LGBTQIA+ seniors! 🌈

Wednesday 07/06 + Thursday 08/06: The RainbowHouse team and volunteers will be in charge of the bar! 🌸✨

Friday 09/06: TelsQuels is hosting their famous karaoke night! Come and enjoy the atmosphere and let us hear your voice on your favorite tracks! The microphone is waiting for you! 🎤💃🏽

Saturday 10/06: What better way to celebrate the return of the sun than with a cocktail party? That’s what we’ve got planned for this Saturday! Come and discover our menu, try out some new flavors or enjoy your favorite drink on the terrace! 😎

Sunday 11/06: Once again, the in-house team will open our doors and welcome you in style! 💖

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