Agenda of the week

RainbowHouse Monday 24 April 2023 >
Sunday 30 April 2023


Wednesday 26/04: The bar will be hosted by Rainbow Refugee Committee, an association formed by and for LGBTQIA+ migrant people. Want to support them or meet them? Feel free to come visit them! ✨

Thursday 4/27: The RainbowHouse team and volunteers will be in charge of running the bar. 🌈

Friday 28/04: Tels Quels is preparing a party with a DJ set just to celebrate the end of the week! Info coming soon! ⭐
(Free entrance)

Saturday 29/04 : Like every month, Balkan LGBTQIA+ invites you to its Balkan party ! Festive and friendly atmosphere, if you had nothing planned, no more excuses! 🤩
(Free entrance)

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