Call For Volunteers ☆ PrideFestival 2020

Marsha P. Johnson
18:30 > 20:30
Tuesday 18 August 2020 >
Tuesday 18 August 2020



Quand // Wanneer // When:
18/08/2020 – 18h – voor Nederlandstaligen & for English-speakers
18/08/2020 – 19h30 session en Français #1
20/08/2020 – 18h – session en Français #2
20/08/2020 – 19h30 – session en Français #3


Où // Waar // Where: RainbowHouse – Salle Marsha P. Johnson Zaal/Room (3 rue de la chaufferette)

Inscription recommandée // Inschrijving aanbevolen // Subscription recommended: 👉


Au programme // Op het progamma // Program:

18h15 – accueil // onthaal // welcome
18h30 – introduction // introductie
19h00 – aperçu sur le programme du PrideFestival // insider’s blik op het PrideFestival programma // insider’s look at the PrideFestival program
20h – remplissage des grilles horaires // het invullen van shifts // filling in timetables
20h30 – verre offert au bar de la RainbowHouse (!! seulement le // enkel op // only on 20/08)



Do you also support the LGBTQI+ cause? Then join us to help us during the 2020 edition of PrideFestival! We invite you all to join us for an information session. We’ll explain the festival’s schedule and the services we need your help with.

If you are interested, please fill out the form :

More about PrideFestival? Visit our website:
If you have any questions, you can contact us via email (

COVID19 update : due to new governmental restrictions, the capacity of the room is greatly diminished. Therefore, there will be more information sessions for volunteers. Places are limited and priority will be given to new (or almost new) people and people who have never participated in an information session. Registration is mandatory (via the form below).
The RainbowHouse is committed to respecting the other safety measures (surface disinfection, provision of gel, social distancing). Please bring your masks.
We look forward to seeing you!



We hope to see you there!



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