Rope Flow Meditation

164, Koninglaan
14:00 > 18:00
dinsdag 08 mei 2018

Rope flow meditation – workshop in English
PrideFestival 2018 #YourLocalPower
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W W W . R A I N B O W H O U S E . B E

Surrender to the magic of the rope :

In a very simple introduction to bondage, you will learn to tie a safe and easy knot and how to bring yourself and your partner into a meditative state while exploring what is possible with a single rope and one knot. You will switch roles to also receive a session, that will take you on a sensual journey towards calmness.

“… don’t think bondage. Really think meditation. And maybe think of a home-coming.” (review from a participant)

Registration :
15 euros

Location :
Koningsstraat 164 rue royale

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Love Dragon aka Unter Tango :
Imagined in the mind of the Beast King and brought to life by a juicy kiss, Love Dragon is a playful and caring creature known for its obsession with language, games and tango.
He lives in Berlin and teaches Tango and Bondage for individuals or groups all over Europe.

(Workshop in English)