I Love You, I Hate you – Gay Boys To Men

Lollepot - RainbowHouse
13:00 > 15:30
zaterdag 28 september 2019

Relationships are hard at the best of time, let alone when you’re having a Gay one. They all seem to start and end in the same way these days; exciting at first, lots of sex, lots chemistry and then suddenly you’re wondering what did you ever see in him, becoming irritable and are looking for the next body to fill your bed.

Gay relationships are often turbulent, not because they are innately so but because the ones having them are often turbulent themselves.

‘I love you, I hate you’ is our third in the series of Gay Boys To Men workshops exploring how often Gay Men form and maintain relationships which ultimately end just as fast as they started.

This workshop will explore some of the causes for our dysfunctional relationships, the pitfalls we get into in a relationship and what we can do when trying to form and maintain emotionally healthy and fulfilling relationships. We will also explore the different type of relationship models and relationship styles.

Not all relationships are supposed to last forever, but we can at least gain something positive from them and give something in return to the other. I love you, I hate you will be a moving journey towards forming the types of relationships based on your values, not your fears.