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Onderzoek naar de geestelijke gezondheid van mensen met HIV

gepubliceerd 14 oktober 2020

Ter gelegenheid van de Wereld Geestelijke Gezondheid Dag nodigt de European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) u uit om deel te nemen aan een onderzoek naar HIV en geestelijke gezondheid.

“Dear participant, this survey is addressed to the community, people living with HIV as well as persons working in HIV organisations at the local, regional or international level in Europe and Central Asia. Our survey is part of the European Aids Treatment Group – EATG and its HIV & Mental health project, which aims to explore the existing knowledge about the interplay of mental health, well-being and HIV and translate it into practical recommendations for both community organisations and healthcare professionals.

The recommendations will advise on how to develop a supportive and integrated framework within the HIV care setting, which provides people living with HIV with access to prevention, screening, treatment and care for mental health problems.

It is completely anonymous and it will not take more than 10 minutes of your time. Please help us gather this relevant and useful data to learn about the current needs for better mental health care services across the region. EATG always take in consideration all ethical norms and standards, in line with GDPR, respecting individuals personal rights like confidentiality and anonymity. Filling out this survey you agree to give this data for research purposes.

This survey will end on 31/10/20.”

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