Gay Boys to Men Workshop

RainbowHouse - Salle Lollepot - Rue de la Chaufferette 3
13:00 > 17:30
samedi 02 février 2019

The first workshop of it’s kind in Brussels, exploring the fabulous and pain-filled lives of Gay men! This is event is for ANYONE who wants to know more about the Gay experience and how Gay men live in straight world! Everyone is welcome to help us explore and learn from this very specific and special journey.

Please register here for 5 euros –

The Gay world! We have the most fabulous parades, the best parties, chiseled bodies and more sex than you will ever need. Pride movements have enabled Gay men across the world to have equal rights to that of their straight counterparts. Yet despite these enormous achievements Gay men have explosive rates of STD infections, relationship failure, suicidality, drugs and addictions. No other group in society is alike, bringing together masculinity and gentility, courage and depression, style and body shame, hypersexuality and sexual impotence. These conflicting parts of the outer and inner gay man are the reasons for struggle with shame and anger in such a unique blending group of individuals.

This workshop will explore the use of gay apps, parties, body image, chem sex and more, we aim to begin the journey to understand and resolute the paradox of the Gay Man, making room for self acceptance, love and contentment.

Saquib Ahmad – Psychotherapist
Nikos Primerakis – Social Anthropologist
(small refreshments provided during break)

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