Pilates for All the Bodies, for our Bodies

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lundi 13 novembre 2017

During the Pilates classes we will work on breathing, concentration, balance and rhythm as well as on your muscular endurance. Although classes require some concentration, they are very relaxing and your will soon realise the extra energy that the sessions will bring to your everyday life.

The Pilates method has been developed at the beginning of the 20th century by Joseph Pilates. It focusses on alignment and breathing and allows you to develop a strong ‘powerhouse‘. Pilates helps you to improve coordination and balance.

To take these classes there are different options;
-collective classes
– individual sessions, that can be taken at a house, one to
one sessions
– or with a couple other friends-colleagues at
your work space.

Try out a session, to experience the practice once, and check if this practice fit your needs and timing.


When it comes to moving our bodies, Pilates ticks so many boxes and offers so many benefits that whatever else you enjoy, you’d do well to consider giving it a go.

In the classes I put special attention in the breath, preparing the body in a state of relaxation and fluidity to be able to get to work in the muscles just with the right amount of energy and effort.

Some benefits:

*Pilates in its gentlest form is very much a mind/body discipline. It calms you both inside and out, connecting you to your deeper core muscles.

*It allows you to be mindful and focus on the inside, and encourages slower-paced movement based around great technique. The perfect way to take time out, while still getting an amazing feel-good workout.

*Pilates sessions can really help manage back pain. It is ideal for recovering from back injuries or spine problems and regular Pilates sessions are fantastic for recovery, long term pain management and prevention.

The teacher:

Azahara had being teaching Pilates for individual and group classes learning from practice and focusing in the needs of every person. Azahara has always been interested in movement. She developped a passion for body awareness thanks to her experiences, her studies and research also as a contemporary dancer.

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